Functional Die Cut Parts

What is a functional die cut part?

You will hear us talk about, and see on this website, a reference to functional die cut parts. Much of what we do at Design Mark centers around conventional materials used in our industry (polyesters and polycarbonates) with traditional adhesives (pressure sensitive acrylics) and printed using industry standard screen printing and flexographic printing methods. A functional die cut part is a product that typically falls outside of one or more of those norms.

We at Design Mark realized many years ago that there were other products and technologies that, while complimentary, fell outside of our standard products and practices but presented opportunities to provide additional (value added) services when produced in conjunction with or in support of our traditional products.

Out of this realization was born our functional die cut product line. To illustrate some examples of product types and geometries that fall within this category, please refer to figure 1 below.

(Fig. 1) Functional die cut examples.


At first glance you will note some characteristics about the products pictured. You will find adhesives, printed copy and even some conventional materials. The subtle difference in these products is that they are either a hybrid example of two or more technologies combined in non-traditional ways such as flexographic printing with steel rule die cutting for example, or open or closed cell foams combined with laminated adhesives that are then die cut or laser cut to specific shapes to be used as isolation pads, insulators, seals or gaskets.

A by-product of Design Mark’s process is that most everything we make is cut in one form or another. Most of our products start out as either a large sheet or large roll of raw material and of course must be sized to meet our customer’s product need. Within the functional die cut family of products you may find some complex die cuts. You might also find some three dimensional shapes or irregular bends and even some tinted substrates which are used in electronic shielding, light blocking, and packaging or as cosmetic aides to present or mask a product feature or element.

At Design Mark we rely on the traditional but embrace the challenges of these non-traditional product applications and welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your specific product needs for functional die cut, membrane switch, graphic overlay or custom label products.

Talk with Design Mark engineers and give us the opportunity to review your design. We will ask questions to learn about your application and discuss your environmental considerations and surfaces. With an understanding of your design and your cost goals we can suggest materials and offer equivalent solutions that might help you lower your product cost and meet your needs.

If you would like to learn more, contact Design Mark to discuss your application or to set up a “Lunch and Learn” seminar with our team.

For more information on Design Mark or our Lunch and Learn series, contact us at or Request a Quote.


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