Color Matching for Products

Fan of PMS color matching samples
As a normal part of product development and design services, Design Mark utilizes industry standard techniques for color matching to ensure your design not only meets your critical color needs but also maintains that color consistently over the life of your product. Design Mark will color match to your housing or approved color chip using our spectrophotometer. Design Mark has the latest versions of Pantone, Munsell and RAL color systems available to our ink technicians. We match first part to last part and monitor the product run to ensure that there is no color creep.

Each customer color receives a unique ink file number which contains the ink formulation and specific information relevant to factors that can affect the color including surface printed vs. sub-surface printing, key materials information and any supporting or surrounding colors that will affect the final output. All production color readings are stored in our Greytag MacBetch ColorEye computer and recalled during formulation and compared during production to maintain uniformity.
ColorEye spectrophotometer screen shot
For critical color projects, Design Mark makes your color our business to ensure product quality, color consistency, and reduce the time required to launch your part.

Contact Design Mark about Color Matching

Please contact us for further assistance with color matching or any of our prototyping and design services to support product development of membrane switches, graphic overlays, labels, functional die cut products, control panels, touch screen overlays, and keypads.