Design Mark Releases a Label Product Design Guide

Design Mark is pleased to announce the introduction of our label products design guide. Intended for product engineers and designers, this guide is intended to give you a reference document for design input, product construction information, industry roll forms and reference information for your critical label product needs.

Request the new label design guide now and get the PDF download instantly.

Included in the guide is a glossary of need to know label industry terms along with a checklist to help you identify specific product attributes and target the features and design elements that will make your custom label product a success.

Presented in the same format as our popular graphic overlay and membrane switch design guide, Design Mark’s guide for label products is offered to start the discussion regarding some of the options you have available to you and to present some of the information that Design Mark will need to adequately quote, design and produce your custom label product.

View the full online press release.

If you would like to learn more, contact Design Mark to discuss your application or to set up a “Lunch and Learn” seminar with our team.

For more information on Design Mark or our Lunch and Learn series, contact us at or Request a Quote.

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