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Membrane Switches and Keypads for Industrial and Construction Equipment and Vehicles

Heavy Use and Harsh ConditionsMembrane Switch Industrial Vehicle Industry Example

Heavy use and often constant exposure to extreme outdoor environments are part of the job description for most industrial or construction equipment and vehicles. These factors are also challenges for OEMs and product manufacturers who strive to develop vehicles and equipment  to serve this market that are durable, reliable, and able to operate under these harsh conditions on a daily basis.

User Interface and Safety for Industrial/Vehicle Control Panels

Safety is paramount in the industrial and construction equipment and vehicle industry. Modern user interface technology can contribute to the overall safe operation of equipment and vehicles.

A few examples of industrial controls functions:

  • Simplified and intuitive controls, allowing users to focus externally on operating and safety rather than internally on complex controls
  • Control panel backlighting or illumination for low light operations
  • Visual or aural  warnings and alerts for potential unsafe operating conditions

Advantages of Membrane Switches for Industrial and Construction Equipment and Vehicles

Custom membrane switch advantages such as Industrial Control Membrane Switchextreme durability,  longevity, environmental and UV sealing, and design flexibility make it an ideal and superior interface option for the rugged demands of the industrial and construction equipment and vehicle market.

Some key advantages:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy to clean hard surface, resists moisture, abrasions
  • Environmental Design Mark
    sealing and UV protection material options
  • Long life at low cost – the average switch life is 500,000 to 5,000,000 actuations
  • Reliable, attractive, customized user interface
  • Custom design flexibility – match with existing components, graphics, shape, color, branding
  • Custom switch features – embedded LED, backlighting
  • Short lead times

Visit Design Mark’s custom membrane switches page for more information.

How to Work with Design Mark for Industrial and Construction Equipment and Vehicle Applications

Design Mark works with customers at various stages of their product development process, from design to prototype to production. Design Mark can offer design and engineering support for early-stage product development or can simply provide a quote for the desired quantities of fully-engineered and ready-to-manufacture membrane switches.

Design Mark recognizes that each industrial control design project is unique. With over 30 years of experience, Design Mark’s team of engineers and designers is dedicated to bringing expertise, innovation, and quality to each project and finished industrial control panel product.

Use Design Mark’s Secondary Assembly and Value-Added Services

Design Mark serves industrial control panel customers that are interested in…

  • Getting products to market faster
  • Streamlining the assembly process
  • Boosting bottom-line profitability

These industrial controls customers should also take advantage of Design Mark’s Secondary Assembly and Value-Added services for industrial control panels.

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