Production or Prototype?

When you have a critical path item that may not have been addressed or perhaps fell through the cracks in the design process, you still have some options to get an example of your part. You might need a physical sample to evaluate size or appearance, a non-functional switch to mock up the ergonomics of a user interface, a part for a photo shoot in a marketing campaign or even getting a demo unit ready for a trade show. It isn’t very good to have a product on display or ready for shipment that is missing a critical compliance label, logo label, overlay graphic or membrane switch.

At Design Mark, we have seen and done all of the above for our customers. We know our process takes some time. Our development cycle takes some time. Our tooling cycle takes some time. We also realize that all of this may be time that you simply do not have available in your schedule.

Design Mark engineers will work with you to accommodate your critical path. Design Mark can screen print those critical, visual elements of the graphic overlay or membrane switch and offer you laser cut internal, adhesive or switch layers. If your color scheme cooperates, we can even laser cut your graphic final or switch final to save the cost and time associated with designing and purchasing production dies. If you aren’t sure which product look you need and are undecided between more than one design, Design Mark can digitally print your variations so you can seem them and verify product placement and appearance at your facility with a physical sample.

We will review your design and timeline and offer you some alternatives. Longer lead time items will include embossing tools and complex production dies and we can provide alternate methods for your prototype and sample needs. Design Mark will work the production intent tooling in parallel for as many of the common areas and design objectives that are frozen so that we get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Design Mark’s ability to mix proven production techniques with time saving steps has a proven track record of success and a long list of satisfied customers. Talk with Design Mark to add your project to that list.

If you would like to learn more, contact Design Mark to discuss your application or to set up a “Lunch and Learn” seminar with our team.

For more information on Design Mark or our Lunch and Learn series, contact us at or Request a Quote.


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