Rapid Prototyping Services

As part of its product development engineering and design services, Design Mark provides rapid prototyping services to support product development and manufacturing of membrane switches, control panels, graphic overlays, keypads and touch screens. To help customers design smarter and faster, Design Mark offers quick turn prototyping at competitive costs and short lead times for prototypes/pre-production parts.

Testing and re-testing a design is often a vital step in creating a smart, innovative product. Rapid prototyping decreases development time by allowing corrections to a product to be made early in the process. By giving stakeholders in engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and purchasing departments a look at the product early in the design process, mistakes can be corrected and changes can be made while they are still inexpensive.

Rapid Prototyping for Membrane Switches, Control Panels, Graphic Overlays, Keypads and Touch Screens

Laser tooling used to reduce lead times for rapid prototype projectsFor rapid prototyping projects, Design Mark substitutes laser tooling and digital printing techniques in place of fixed tooling and screen printing to drastically reduce the lead time required to manufacture a physical prototype part.

Advantages of rapid prototyping include:

  • Drastically reduced lead times for part prototypes
  • Decreased product design/development time
  • Elimination of costly mistakes
  • Minimized engineering changes
  • Elimination of redundant features early in the design
  • Extended product lifetime by adding necessary features

Design Mark’s rapid prototyping and manufacturing processes enable increased number of variants of products, increases in product complexity, increases in product lifetime before obsolescence and decreased delivery time.

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