Government and Military Supplier

Membrane Switches, Keypads, Graphic Overlays, and Custom Labels for Government and Military Use

Design Mark is a leading supplier to the government and military, offering custom membrane switches and keypads, graphic overlays, and custom labels.

Design Mark’s Process for Government/Military

Design Mark has served the government and military markets for over 20 years. Design Mark understands mission critical applications. Design Marks works with government and military teams to understand product needs and provide input for design and application to make sure that products are up to the task at hand.

Government and Military Applications

Design Mark products are used in control panels and user interfaces, input/output informational panels and secure communications equipment. Qualifications include:

  • US Department of State registered ITAR supplier
  • More than 20 years of experience supporting defense contractors
  • Experienced trusted government and military supplier

Some uses of Design Mark’s membrane switches, graphic overlays and labels in the government and military include:

  • Shielded membrane switches
  • Tactile feedback
  • Audible feedback
  • Product fabeling
  • Gaskets for environmental protection
  • Keypads or overlays to compliment existing control strategies

How to Work with Design Mark for Government and Military Applications

TankDesign Mark works with government and military customers at various stages of their product development process, from design to prototype to production. Design Mark can offer design and engineering support for early-stage product development or can simply provide a quote for the desired quantities of fully-engineered and ready-to-manufacture membrane switches. Design Mark recognizes that each consumer electronics design project is unique. With over 30 years of experience, Design Mark’s team of engineers and designers is dedicated to bringing expertise, innovation, and quality to each project and finished government/military product design.

Use Design Mark’s Secondary Assembly and Value-Added Services

Design Mark serves government and military customers that are interested in:

  • Getting products into use faster
  • Streamlining the assembly process
  • Boosting bottom-line profitability

Government and military customers can also take advantage of Design Mark’s Secondary Assembly and Value-Added services for industrial control panels.

Contact Design Mark for Membrane Switches, Graphic Overlays and Custom Labels for Government and Military Use

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