Our VMI business model provides direct benefits to our customers

Tight inventory control is essential to meeting our customers’ due dates and reducing costs

At Design Mark, we pride ourselves in manufacturing the highest-quality engineering-based solutions while meeting our customers’ target due dates and providing extremely competitive pricing. To achieve this, we continually seek out ways to drive efficiencies throughout the manufacturing process.

For example, manufacturers walk a tightrope when it comes to inventorying thousands of various components:

  • It’s costly – in terms of dollars spent – to purchase excessive items that languish in inventory.
  • It’s costly – in terms of meeting target due dates – if an item is not in inventory, must be ordered, and the customer’s project is put on-hold until the item arrives. (Steps may be taken to substitute another item, but this can be fraught with problems.)

When manufacturing companies don’t keep their finger on the pulse, they can tie up thousands of dollars in inventory – and still find they don’t have a specific item when they need it!

Our sophisticated Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) business model ensures Design Mark’s inventory is tightly managed

What is VMI? Simply put, Vendor Managed Inventory means that we have outsourced our inventory stocking to a vendor that specializes in this service. The vendor installed an onsite inventory management system that:

  • Constantly tracks inventory use
  • Replenishes inventory items, as needed
  • Provides reports to help with forecasting and budgeting

Our VMI business model optimizes our supply chain. Plus, it directly benefits our customers by ensuring quality parts are stocked and available when needed. This enables us to meet your target due dates and provide extremely competitive pricing.