Value-added services/assembly: Turn-key solutions increase quality while lowering costs

Design Mark simplifies your product sourcing and fabrication requirements by providing value-added services, integrated modules, and assemblies

From circuit design to subpanel final assembly, Design Mark supplies all the components to provide a complete turn-key product while maintaining quality and timely delivery at competitive pricing.

We have established long-term supply relationships with reliable subcontractors that provide quality parts in a timely manner at competitive prices. Also, if you source and procure a custom component, we will receive it and build your assembly as a “customer supplied product.”

Large OEMs and contract manufacturers rely on Design Mark’s value-added services to minimize their supply base and deliver large orders of quality assembled components

You can realize these advantages when teaming with Design Mark for custom assemblies:

  • Experienced design and engineering from product development through production
  • Environmental engineering solutions
  • Creative solutions for product engineering and effective cost controls
  • USA-based and offshore manufacturing production facilities
  • Inspection in all processes including incoming resulting in Zero Defects Certification
  • Rapid fully functional prototypes
  • Short lead-time with documented compliance of prompt on-time delivery

Sourcing your subassembly to Design Mark reduces costs related to:

  • Handling associated with receiving, inspecting, storing, assembling, and invoicing materials
  • Administering paperwork required for purchase orders and quotes
  • Errors and omissions that can occur when processing multiple quotes and purchase orders
  • Carrying inventory
  • Processing shortages, rejects, over shipments, and scraps
  • Handling, receiving, inventory tracking and other accounting duties