High School Graduates in South Coast, MA:

Here’s your opportunity to build a meaningful career

You can have a rewarding career. And it can start RIGHT NOW!

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If you’ve graduated (or are about to graduate), you might feel like fulfilling jobs for South Coast high school graduates are scarce. Like other high school grads, you may be asking yourself these questions:

  1. “How soon can I be financially independent?”
  2. “How can I afford college?”
  3. “I don’t just want a job. How can I actually get on a career path?
  4. “How do I find an employer that provides opportunities for growth?”
  5. “I want to have fun, be creative, and add value. Is that even possible?”

We have good news! As the leading manufacturing companies in South Coast Massachusetts, we’ve joined together to create a new, exciting program for South Coast high school graduates just like you. In a nutshell, we’ll provide on-the-job training AND educational opportunities. This entirely unique, cutting-edge program is offered by a select number of companies qualified to participate in this program.

Introducing an exciting program just for YOU:

Corridor to a Career & College – A focused-future program for South Coast high school graduates

How does this program work? You’ll start by choosing a “corridor” to experience various aspects of a manufacturing business. You’ll select from multiple modules in that corridor, receive an approved Module Schedule, and be assigned a mentor. Keep reading to learn more!

Select from 3 “corridors” to begin your career & educational path

In manufacturing companies, there’s more going on behind the scenes than you may realize. If you could transport yourself into one of our companies, you’ll see marketing and sales teams applying the latest business-to-business (B2B) strategies and Internet tactics to attract new customers. Meanwhile, you’ll watch designers and engineers create surprisingly innovative projects. You’ll see the production staff running multiple screen-printing stations and operating the very latest HP Indigo Press. You’ll also watch as financial and supply chain professionals keep everything running smoothly with purchasing, inventory control, and new software technologies. All this activity ensures the company wins customers and beats the competition.

All this activity spells OPPORTUNITY for you. Our new program – “Corridor to a Career & College” – offers a rare opportunity for you to work in several different jobs within a company. By experiencing various aspects of manufacturing, you’ll be able to identify and select a fulfilling career path. Which corridor will you choose?

Corridor #1. Engineering or Design

  • Designer – Every day is different in this creative career. Projects range from labels to touch-screen panels. Think of yourself as a visual problem solver!
  • Digital Artist – Master software programs to design company logos and even create food & beverage package designs. Thanks to exciting new trends, the sky’s the limit for creative artists!
  • Pre-Press Technician – The printing process has three stages: pre-press, press, and finishing. In this job, you manage the critical steps to prepare graphic files for printing.
  • Mechanical Engineer – Let’s say a customer needs a keypad for a new medical diagnostic machine. Key steps are creating the engineering design and working with manufacturing to make a prototype.

Corridor #2. Production Management

  • Team Leader or Supervisor – “Leaders are not born, they’re made.” That’s why mentors guide these key employees to polish their people skills, so they can successfully lead their teams. Team Leaders work side-by-side with other employees to complete projects accurately and on time. Supervisors have additional responsibilities such as hiring employees.
  • Quality Engineer – If you have an eye for detail, this may be the perfect job for you! You’ll check every facet of a completed project to ensure it meets all specifications.
  • Supply Chain Manager – Our vendors supply all types of raw materials, which we convert into various products from simple labels to high-tech membrane switches. Managing the supply chain involves key steps throughout the process, from start to finish.

Corridor #3. Business Management

  • Sales – Are you good at solving problems? Often, customers need guidance to get started. Our sales team is 100% focused on meeting customer needs.
  • Customer Service – You’re the first person customers meet when they call. And every day is different! You can take orders or direct our customers to sales, engineering, or design.
  • Marketing – Join this team to spread the word about our quality products. Activities include direct mail marketing, tradeshows, online advertising, social media marketing, and helping the sales team close deals.
  • Accounting – Good at math? Good with details? If so, it all adds up – this could be the “unequaled” career path for you!
  • Buyer – A key task is purchasing raw materials. In addition, you may negotiate prices with vendors and control inventory.
Career Path Infographic

Schedule, and be assigned a mentor. By experiencing various aspects of manufacturing, you’ll be able to identify and select a fulfilling career path.


By joining this future-focused program, you can:

  • Select your areas of interest
  • Learn business skills and processes
  • Build your resume with real-world experience
  • Establish a career path
  • Master soft skills and polish your professionalism
  • Learn from seasoned mentors
  • Participate in various Learning Modules
How are you compensated for your career and college?

  •  Receive hourly pay
  • Get the full benefit package with full-time employment
  • Take advantage of a flexible schedule when possible
  • Get additional Banked Tuition Reimbursement for every hour you work:
  • Reimbursement opportunities are available with approved courses and grades.
  • Begin utilizing your banked tuition after 1 year and with continued full-time employment.
  • Starting in the second year of your full-time employment, you’ll continuously accrue Tuition Reimbursement benefits.


Apply Now

Take this first, amazing step on your career path!


To be considered as a candidate for this program, you need to:

  1. Send your application to MLaBelle@design-mark.com. Download application here
  2. Participate in our interview process and be selected as a finalist.
  3. Pass our company test for new employees.

For more information, contact:

Marcia LaBelle


(508) 998-9021