Transportation & Equipment: Durability and safety go hand-in-hand

Design Mark’s user-interface solutions meet the rugged demands of the automotive, marine, and aircraft industries

From desert sun to saltwater, the transportation industry endures it all. That’s why our custom membrane switches, graphic overlays, and rubber keypads that offer extreme durability, longevity, environmental and UV sealing, and design flexibility. Additional engineering-based solutions include functional die cuts, control panel assemblies, and custom plastic labels.

Safety is critical, which means user interface is critical

We’ll ensure the user interface design contributes to the overall safe operation of your vehicle, equipment, or product. A few examples of industrial controls functions include:

  • Simplified and intuitive controls, allowing users to focus on safely operating equipment rather than interpreting complex controls
  • Control panel backlighting or illumination for low-light operations
  • Visual alerts and audial warnings for potential unsafe operating conditions

Heavy use and often constant exposure to extreme outdoor environments are part of the job description for automotive, marine, and aircraft equipment

That’s why OEMs, contract manufacturers, and design/engineering teams turn to Design Mark. For example, key advantages of our membrane switches include:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy-to-clean hard surface that resists moisture and abrasion
  • Material options for environmental sealing and UV protection
  • Long life at low cost –switch life can average 500,000 to 5,000,000 actuations
  • Reliable, attractive, and customized user interface
  • Custom design flexibility – match with existing components, graphics, shape, color, and branding
  • Custom switch features – embedded LED, backlighting
  • Short lead times