Electronic Control Panels

Design and Manufacturing for Electronic Control Panels:

We’ll work with any stage of your product development process, from prototype to production

Electronic control panels provide the user interface and electronic controller for a product or machine. The main difference between a custom control panel and membrane switch is that a control panel has a printed circuit board (PCB) for its electronics, while a membrane switch uses printed circuitry. Because of this, an electronic control panel can be used for more complicated controls and display functions.

Applications for Industrial Control Panels:

  • Medical lab, testing, and diagnostic equipment
  • Transportation controls for industrial manufacturing equipment
  • Government/military material

The custom design process begins with the printed circuit board (PCB) design. The PCB provides the physical base and functional foundation for the electronic control panel. The engineering drawing for the control panel interface and specs should include dimensions, colors, schematic, pin-out matrix, switch types, and tail start and end connections. Control panel manufacturing and value-added assembly gives you a plug-and-play panel, ready to be inserted in your final product.

Large organizations around the world rely on Design Mark for industrial control panels for two key reasons:

  1. Our core competencies – Our engineering/design team are experts in the custom design, engineering, fabrication, and assembly of control panels to meet unique human-machine interface (HMI) requirements. We offer custom design and control panel engineering support for early-stage product development, or we’ll simply provide a quote for the desired quantities of fully engineered and ready-to-use control panel assemblies.
  2. Control panel assemblies are plug-and-play – Design Mark offers the value-added services to produce a ready-to-use component. We do the entire sub-assembly process to produce a plug-and-play control panel that is ready to be inserted in your final product. We provide all necessary design engineering, sourcing, custom assembly, and testing services to produce the complete, tested, ready-to-use control panel assembly.

Typical Components for Electronic Control Panels:

  • Sealed graphic overlay with printed text/graphics describing the control panel interactions
  • Touch interface to complete circuits
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) that processes the signals from the user interface
  • LEDs for displays on the user interface
  • Connection to drivers, controllers, or other PCBs
  • EMI/ESD/RFI shielding options (for electro-magnetic interference, electro-static discharge and radio frequency interference shielding)
  • PEM studs, custom mounting hardware, or other fasteners to mount the control panel assembly
Control panel assembly produced by Design Mark Industries

Options for Custom Industrial Control Panel:

  • Custom materials: aluminum, steel, or formed plastic
  • Panel materials can be anodized, painted, or powder coated
  • Custom printing, logos, and graphics on the graphic overlay
  • Surface texture materials
  • Custom shapes
  • Backlighting
  • Multiple tactile dome options for tactile feedback or non-tactile option
  • EMI/ESD/RFI shielding options (for electro-magnetic interference, electro-static discharge and radio frequency interference shielding)
  • Embossing
  • Embedded LEDs
  • Multiple connector styles
  • Environmentally sealed to keep incidental dust and moisture out
  • Window lens coating