When you’re developing new tech for an ever growing or up and coming company, design is going to play a pivotal role. This isn’t just a reference to memorable branding, or fun visuals to keep customers appeased. These things are included in most aspects of design, but a more practical use is for outlining how to use your product safely. While you may have worked out any issues on the inside, your packaging should display vital information of product use on the outside to avoid as much user error as possible. Including valuable safety protocol, for example, on the outside of the packaging increases the likelihood of your product being used in the best way. This doesn’t have to mean the overall aesthetics suffer with a large, endless line of text slapped on the side of your item. At Design Mark we offer custom design services that will optimize packaging space and promote your business values through flattering and relevant designs.

Safety Decals

This can be most effectively accomplished through one of our custom plastic decals! To ensure a positive customer interaction, each of our graphics concentrates on being durable, attractive, and functional for YOUR specific needs. For instance, if your product is designed to travel with an individual for ‘on-the-go’ use, it seems practical to have a detailed set of instructions included with the item. A booklet tucked inside a travel case is one way to accomplish this, but there is no guarantee that this will remain there. We are all human, after all, and are prone to making mistakes and losing such valuable information. To counter this, why not consider putting the most important information on the outside of the container? This may include warnings, such as if the item is flammable, or even simple instructions on how to use the overall product. With a few simple graphics and words stylishly placed incorporation with your company logo and product name, your clients will be able to quickly see what they need at a glance. Keeping everything simple and clearly displayed will bring down the number of possible customer complaints and bring in new customers.

We Can Help with the Versatility You Need

This is only one instance of the versatility offered through Design Mark. With our combined printing experience, we offer our designs for a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and durable materials for best practice across several different products. Considering items with more interactable keys that your users will need to touch often, but still be able to read after frequent use, we offer custom graphic overlays.  The list of uses for our designs goes on and on, with the only stopper your imagination! Our exceptionally streamlined process will get your finalized product produced quickly at an extremely competitive price. Turnaround time usually takes about 3 weeks after the artwork has been approved and depending on the amount needed to be printed. So, for custom designs to best outline your product and the values of your business, contact Design Mark.